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My New Love: Topshop Dad Jeans

I recently ordered the Topshop Dad Jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are everything I hoped for. They do run a bit small, so make sure to size up for a better fit. These jeans are so comfy and roomy, perfect for lounging around or running errands.

What’s the ideal size to order for Topshop Dad Jeans?

When ordering Topshop Dad Jeans, consider sizing up as they tend to run small. For instance, if you’re usually a size 24, order a size 25 (US 2 or UK 6). This accounts for the Dad Jeans’ design to be comfy and roomy, ensuring a better fit.

Hey, fashionistas! I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to share this straight away. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had me shopping like a maniac (in the best possible way, of course!). And guess what arrived first? The Topshop Dad Jeans that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

The Perfect Pair

A great pair of jeans is like that perfect cup of coffee. It just sets the mood right. And these Dad Jeans, they are just right. I usually wear a size 24, but Topshop denim is known to run a bit small. So, to avoid the heartbreak of a tight squeeze, I decided to size up and ordered the 25, which is a US 2 or UK 6.

The website recommends going for the size in parentheses, which in this case, was 24 for a 25. But I stuck to my decision and I’m glad I did. These are Dad jeans, after all, and they’re supposed to have that comfy, roomy feel.

My Thoughts

Although the jeans are a bit looser than expected, I absolutely adore them. They’re the kind of jeans you can live in, you know? However, I am still debating whether to exchange them for a size smaller if they restock. It’s all a matter of personal preference, I guess.

Unfortunately, most of the sizes are sold out right now, but I have my fingers crossed for a restock when public access starts this Friday. But, hey, don’t despair if you can’t wait that long!

A Stylish Solution

For all my fashion-forward friends out there who are as impatient as I am, I’ve got a fabulous backup plan. I’ve found this pair that I love just as much. So, you can still stay stylish and on-trend!

Isn’t shopping online just the best? You order, wait a bit, and then it’s like Christmas morning when your packages arrive. Stay tuned for more of my fabulous finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Quick Recap

  • Topshop Dad Jeans run a bit small, so it’s recommended to size up for a better fit.
  • The author ordered a size 25 (US 2 or UK 6) instead of her usual size 24 and found them to be comfy and roomy.
  • The author loves the jeans but is considering exchanging them for a size smaller if they restock.
  • Currently, most sizes are sold out, but the author has found another pair of jeans that she loves just as much.
  • The author is excited about her purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and will share more finds in the future.
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