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love in history modern valentine's day decor

Journey into the World of Valentine’s Day Decorations

Discover the latest trends in Valentine’s Day decorations, including minimalistic designs, sustainable materials, and interactive elements. Break away from traditional red and white with pastel, metallic, or monochrome color schemes, and incorporate modern touches like LED lights and digital displays for a contemporary celebration of love.

eco-friendly alternatives plastic-free swaps

Ditch the Plastic: My Favourite Eco-Friendly Alternatives 2023

Did you know that plastic takes around 400 years to decompose? It’s a shocking fact, isn’t it? This year, I’ve embarked on a unique journey to reduce my carbon footprint by swapping out singleuse plastics in my home with ecofriendly alternatives. I’ve discovered some fantastic brands along the way, and I’ve partnered with Grove Collaborative, an ecoconscious online store, to share some of my finds with you all!

planner bando

My Love Affair with the Prettiest Planner Ever!

The Ban.do planner is a cute and funky organizer that stole the heart of this fashion blogger. It was love at first sight when she saw it on the Ban.do website, but after a relentless search, she found it in pale pink on Nordstrom and couldn’t be happier. She highly recommends this planner and shares her excitement about her new camera.

furniture sofa

My First Home: Join the Journey

Burrow sofas are the perfect choice for adaptable living spaces, offering modularity, stain resistance, sustainability, and a hidden USB charger. Stay tuned to join me on my exciting decorating journey as I move into my first home and make it a cozy and stylish space with the help of Burrow furniture.

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