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Non Toxic Candles: More Than Just Fragrance

In this article, I explore the world of nontoxic candles and highlight the importance of choosing ecofriendly options. I provide a list of nontoxic candle brands that prioritize quality and sustainability, including MADE by DWC, 1502 Candle Co., P. F. Candle Co., Bijou, Slow North, United By Blue, Made By Yoke, Candlessentials, DANI Naturals, and Vellabox. I also offer tips on how to spot a nontoxic candle and discuss the potential dangers of toxic candles for pets. Additionally, I mention a few affordable options and provide recommendations for nontoxic candles available on Amazon. So, next time you’re looking to set a cozy atmosphere, make sure to prioritize nontoxic candles for a healthier and more sustainable choice.

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Ditch the Plastic: My Favourite Eco-Friendly Alternatives 2023

Did you know that plastic takes around 400 years to decompose? It’s a shocking fact, isn’t it? This year, I’ve embarked on a unique journey to reduce my carbon footprint by swapping out singleuse plastics in my home with ecofriendly alternatives. I’ve discovered some fantastic brands along the way, and I’ve partnered with Grove Collaborative, an ecoconscious online store, to share some of my finds with you all!

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