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Lancome’s Click & Glow Highlighting Pen

Does Lancome’s Highlighting Pen Provide a Natural Glow? Lancome’s Click & Glow Highlighting Pen promises a subtle, natural glow rather than an intense shine. It seamlessly blends into the skin, ideal for enhancing small areas like the cupid’s bow, nose bridge, and brow bone. Perfect for everyday looks, it scores a 7/10 for a modest radiance boost.

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What is the best way to use concealer to look more awake?

To look more awake with concealer, apply a thin layer of a lightweight, creamy concealer like MyChelle, followed by a medium to full coverage option such as Christopher Drummond DuoPhase Hydrating Concealer. Finish with another layer of MyChelle for a bright, natural look. This combination brightens the undereye area effectively.

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