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Unveiling the Best Sustainable Brands for Basics in 2023

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiasts! I’m sharing my favorite sustainable brands for building an ethical wardrobe this year. From genderless hemp clothing by Jungmaven to Kelly Slater’s brand Outerknown with a commitment to sustainability, these brands are reducing their environmental impact and creating stylish basics. Explore and shop these super cool companies, lovelies!

What are the best sustainable brands for basic clothing in 2023?

The top sustainable brands for basic apparel in 2023 include:

  • Jungmaven: Genderless soft hemp clothing.
  • Outerknown: Kelly Slater’s brand with a sustainability commitment.
  • KOTN: Certified B-Corp with edgy basics.
  • Mate The Label: Clean essentials using organic materials.
  • LACAUSA: Ethereal dresses and smart casual wear.
  • Back Beat Co: Ethical clothing perfect for any occasion.
  • Eye to Eye: Timeless pieces with a 90s touch.
  • Tradlands: Clothes for living now and loving forever.
  • Big Bud Press: Genderless, size-inclusive, and vibrant.

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiasts! I’m diving into my starter pack for building an ethical, sustainable wardrobe this year. These companies below are my absolute favorites for anything I can’t seem to find at thrift stores.

Let’s remember, though, that no brand is 100% sustainable. However, these nine brands are totally rocking it when it comes to reducing their environmental impact. I always rely on Good On You (seriously, subscribe to their newsletter!) to learn more about how brands are progressing on the ethical/sustainable front. So let’s dive right into these super cool companies, shall we? Enjoy your exploration and happy shopping, lovelies!


Oh, how I love their super soft hemp tees, sweatshirts, shorts, and jumpsuits. And guess what? Most of their pieces are also genderless! You can see their Button Front Jumper on my Instagram.


Did you know that this brand was founded by the pro surfer Kelly Slater? They have this amazing commitment to sustainability which is so inspiring. They’ve got full collections for both men and women. Check out the Canyon Dress on my Instagram.


This certified B-Corp is absolutely killing it with edgy basics that have a utilitarian twist. They are the new Everlane, in my opinion! And the best part? No shenanigans. My top picks are the Utility Pant and Cropped Twill Jacket.

Mate The Label

This brand is all about clean essentials made with organic materials. They focus fully on comfort — think loungewear and sleepwear, basically “soft clothes” only. My top picks are the David Sweatshirt and Ali Pant.


Their ethereal dresses, smart trousers, and breezy tops are to die for. LACAUSA is like a one-stop-shop. My go-to items include the Keyla Dress and Lola Trousers. Shop here.

Back Beat Co

Making ethical clothing from hemp and organic cotton, right in Los Angeles, this brand can take you from the gym to work, to cocktails, and literally everything in between. Check out the Voyager jumpsuit on my Instagram.

Eye to Eye

Their timeless pieces with a 90s flair come in the most unique color palettes. Trust me, you’ll be grabbing these pieces again next week, next year, and even the next decade. My picks are the Melanie Top and Janis Short.


They make clothes to live in now, and love forever. You can look polished for work, and effortlessly pulled together for the weekend. Personally, I can’t recommend their classic white oxford enough.

Big Bud Press

This brand is genderless, size inclusive, and BOLD. What more could a girl want? I especially love their Work Pant (I own them in cornflower blue).

I’m sure there are so many more sustainable and ethical brands out there. Do you have any on your radar lately? Share them with me in the comments, I would love to check them out!

Quick Recap

  • The top sustainable brands for basic apparel in 2021 include Jungmaven, Outerknown, KOTN, Mate The Label, LACAUSA, Back Beat Co, Eye to Eye, Tradlands, and Big Bud Press.
  • Jungmaven offers genderless soft hemp clothing.
  • Outerknown, founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, has a commitment to sustainability.
  • KOTN is a certified B-Corp with edgy basics.
  • Mate The Label focuses on clean essentials using organic materials.
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