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Fitting Room Diaries: H&M Sweater Edition

In this fitting room diary, I discovered some amazing sweater finds at H&M. From a cozy chunky knit sweater to a classic grey option, these pieces are perfect for winter layering and adding a touch of style to any outfit.

What are the top sweater finds from H&M’s fitting room?

  1. Chunky Knit Sweater: A must-have winter item with a luxe look for only $20, perfect for cozying up.
  2. The Perfect Drape: A soft sweater with unique front detailing that looks great tucked in.
  3. Fall Colors: A bright pop of color in a sweater that embodies autumn.
  4. The Classic Grey Sweater: Ideal for layering, a timeless piece that’s tempting to add to any collection.

Hey there, fashion lovers! I had the most amazing shopping experience at H&M last Thursday that I can’t wait to share with you all. You know how it’s always a great idea to snap pics when you’re trying on clothes? It helps you make decisions and remember the tags to hunt them down online later. So, I thought why not turn this into a whole post? Especially because I discovered some absolute gems in the sweater department!

Chunky Knit Sweater – The Winter Must-Have

chunky knit sweater

Oh, this sweater! It was love at first sight. It looked so warm and inviting on the hanger that I simply couldn’t resist. Made from a chunky knit material, it gives off a look that’s way pricier than its actual tag ($20!). This cozy piece was the first (and, spoiler alert, the only) item I ended up buying. I couldn’t find the same color online, but if you’re a fan of chunky knit sweaters, I strongly recommend hunting this down in-store!

The Perfect Drape

The soft fabric of this next piece makes it drape ever so beautifully. I especially love how it looks tucked in. The unique detailing down the front adds just the right touch to make it stand out.

Fall Colors for the Win

grey sweater

Switching from my go-to greys, I decided to try on something in a color that screams fall. The result? A beautiful pop of color that I’m not quite sure suits me. What do you think?

The Classic Grey Sweater

Yes, I’m a self-confessed grey sweater addict! The classic shape of this one is just perfect for layering. Though I walked out of the store without it (do I really need another grey sweater?), I’ve been wondering if I should have added it to my collection.

Daring with a Ruffled Skirt

ruffled skirt

This stylish ruffled skirt caught my eye immediately. Even though it’s not what I’d typically go for, trying it on was a thrill. It looked fabulous, but I was stumped on how to style it enough ways to justify buying it. Any suggestions?

While I do most of my shopping online, this in-store spree was a blast. Would you like to see more of these fitting room diaries? Let me know, and happy shopping!

Quick Recap

  • H&M has some amazing sweater finds, including a cozy chunky knit sweater and a classic grey option.
  • The chunky knit sweater is a must-have winter item with a luxe look for only $20.
  • The perfect drape sweater has unique front detailing and looks great tucked in.
  • There is a bright pop of color sweater that embodies autumn.
  • The classic grey sweater is ideal for layering and is a timeless piece.
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