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A Rainy April Day’s Silver Lining: Unboxing my Influenster VoxBox

What was inside my Influenster VoxBox on a rainy April day?

In my Influenster VoxBox, I found a delightful mix of products:

  1. Jergens Sunless Tanning Mousse – for a summer glow
  2. Softlips Cube – a cute addition to my lip balm collection
  3. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub – reigniting a past skincare favorite
  4. Sour Punch Rainbow Straws – sour candy, not my favorite, arrived open
  5. Sour Punch Punchies – intact package of more sour sweets
  6. L’oreal Advanced Straight System – a promising shampoo-conditioner combo for long-lasting hair straightness

An April day – the spectrum ranges from rain-spattered windows to gloom-filled skies. But today, even the rain couldn’t dampen my spirits. Why, you ask? Because as I tromped up to my doorstep, rain-soaked and slightly shivering, I spotted a box. Not just any box though, my first Influenster VoxBox was waiting for me, as if to brighten up the dreary weather.

If you’re unfamiliar with Influenster, it’s this fantastic platform where you can write reviews, ask and answer questions on a plethora of products, and even connect your social media. For your contributions, you get a box full of exciting new products to test and review – all for free. If you’re into trying out new things then head over to the Influenster website here.

Here’s what my box contained:

  1. Jergens Sunless Tanning Mousse: I’m not usually one for sunless tanners, but I’m intrigued to give this a shot. Maybe it will give me a head start on that enviable summer glow?

  2. Softlips Cube: The uber-cute cube shape had me at hello! I can already visualize it joining the ranks of my ever-growing lip balm collection.

  3. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub: This product is like meeting an old friend – it’s been years since I used this scrub. I can’t wait to rekindle my relationship with it; I remember absolutely loving it before.

  4. Sour Punch Rainbow Straws: Now, I found the package torn, which was a tad disappointing. But honestly, I’m not that big on sour candy, so it wasn’t too much of a letdown.

  5. Sour Punch Punchies: Similar to the Rainbow Straws, I’m not a massive fan of sour sweets. Still, I was glad to see this package intact.

  6. L’oreal Advanced Straight System: This shampoo-conditioner combo claims to relax hair for long-lasting straightness. I’m intrigued to see if it lives up to the promise. Back in high school, this could have been my hair’s savior, considering how often I straightened it back then!

As I unpacked my goodies, my gloomy day seemed a bit brighter. So, even if April showers may bring about gloomy skies, remember, they also bring about interesting deliveries!

Just to clarify: Influenster was kind enough to send me these products complimentary for testing purposes. So, stay tuned for detailed reviews on each!

Quick Recap

  • The article is about the author receiving their first Influenster VoxBox, a box full of free products to test and review.
  • The box contained a mix of items including Jergens Sunless Tanning Mousse, Softlips Cube, St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, Sour Punch Rainbow Straws, Sour Punch Punchies, and L’oreal Advanced Straight System.
  • The author expresses excitement about trying out the products and promises to provide detailed reviews.
  • The Jergens Sunless Tanning Mousse, Softlips Cube, and St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub are products the author is particularly interested in.
  • The author found the package of Sour Punch Rainbow Straws open, but the Sour Punch Punchies package was intact.
  • The L’oreal Advanced Straight System shampoo-conditioner combo is intriguing to the author, who used to straighten their hair frequently in the past.
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