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Make the Most Out of Cyber Monday!

Attention, ladies! Cyber Monday is here and there are some seriously amazing deals you don’t want to miss out on. Check out ASOS’s 30% off with code THANKFUL30, ALDO’s 50% off select styles, MADEWELL’s 25% off with CYBERMONDAY code, and SHOPBOP’s tiered discounts. Grab your holiday attire, winter accessories, and year-round basics now!

How can you make the most out of Cyber Monday deals?

To maximize Cyber Monday savings, consider using cashback services like Ebates. Sign up, activate cashback at checkout, and earn back a percentage of your purchases. Look for deals like ASOS’s 30% off with code THANKFUL30, ALDO’s 50% off select styles, MADEWELL’s 25% off with CYBERMONDAY code, and SHOPBOP’s tiered discounts. Remember to snag holiday attire, winter accessories, and year-round basics.

Oh-em-gee, girls! There are some serious steals and deals going on right now for Cyber Monday. Apologies for the double-post today, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these goodies with you. If you’re still building up courage to start your Christmas shopping, well, there’s no day like today! I mean, these deals are insane, probably the best ones you’ll see until after Christmas, and who wants to wait that long?

My Shopping Secret

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine. Ever heard of ebates? If not, girl, you’re missing out. This is literally earning money while shopping! Available both on desktop and as a super handy mobile app, it’s perfect whether I’m shopping from the comfort of my home or on the move.

Here’s how it works: right before you checkout, activate the cash back, and voila! You earn a certain percentage of your purchase back. Like, Nordstrom, one of my favorite stores, has a 6% cash back deal going on right now. So, let’s say if I make any purchase today, I earn 6% back. How cool is that? Trust me, it’s awesome! You can sign up here (guess what, you get $10 just for signing up!).

Some of My Fave Cyber Monday Deals

Let’s dive into some of the best deals I found today:

  • ASOS: 30% off everything with code THANKFUL30 (plus 5% cash back with ebates).
  • ALDO: 50% off select styles. And 20% off new arrivals. Plus, 6% cash back with ebates.
  • MADEWELL: 25% off with code CYBERMONDAY. Don’t forget 4.5% cash back with ebates.
  • SHOPBOP: Tiers of discounts based on your order total, with up to 25% off. Plus, 4% cash back using ebates.

And that’s just a few of the amazing deals going on. I’ve also spotted great offerings at NORDSTROM, ALL SAINTS, FOREVER 21, TOPSHOP, MACY’S, H&M, J.CREW and BLOOMINGDALES.

Some Shopping Suggestions

Now, it can be overwhelming with all these deals and trying to figure out what to get. So, I’ve curated a few favorites for you. The best things to snag right now? Think holiday dresses, cozy cold-weather accessories, those boots you’ve been eyeing, and basics like jeans and tops. Happy shopping, lovelies!

Quick Recap

  • Cyber Monday offers amazing deals on fashion items, including 30% off at ASOS, 50% off select styles at ALDO, 25% off at MADEWELL, and tiered discounts at SHOPBOP.
  • To maximize savings, consider using cashback services like Ebates to earn a percentage of your purchases back.
  • Ebates is a cashback service available on desktop and as a mobile app, allowing you to earn money while shopping.
  • Some of the best Cyber Monday deals include discounts at ASOS, ALDO, MADEWELL, and SHOPBOP, with additional cashback offers from Ebates.
  • Suggestions for shopping during Cyber Monday include holiday dresses, cold-weather accessories, boots, jeans, and tops.
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