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Embracing Autumn: A Love Affair with My Biker Jacket and AG Jeans

Hello lovely people! So, last week was pretty fantastic. Not just because I tasted the first pumpkin spice latte of the season (yum!), but also because I finally got to wear my all-time favorite biker jacket again.

Why do I love my biker jacket and AG jeans?

I absolutely adore my biker jacket for its soft leather and edgy look—it’s like an ultimate accessory for any outfit. As for my AG jeans, they’re a perfect fit, not baggy, and maintain their shape after wears. Both are stylish staples in my wardrobe.

The Biker Jacket That Stole My Heart

You might recall my fixation with this jacket from last fall and winter. Seriously, I was so enthralled by it that I wore it for an entire week straight after I bought it! Now let me tell you why I adore it so much. It’s like the ultimate fashion accessory that I can throw over any outfit for that instant touch of edginess.

The leather? Oh, it’s so buttery soft that it feels like a second skin! With its chunky zippers and matte black details, this jacket is set to last me for years and years. It’s so exquisite that I’m even temped to save up for another one, maybe in a different color. Yes, it’s that irresistible! I’ve been eyeing this one and this cute pink one.

If you’re on the hunt for a leather jacket, you should definitely check out AllSaints. They’re renowned for creating amazing jackets that won’t break the bank considering the outstanding quality. Looking back, this was unarguably my best purchase from 2016!

The AG Jeans Story

Now, let’s talk about these incredible AG jeans I snagged during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Although they were back-ordered until November, luck was on my side and I got them a couple of months early – and they’ve swiftly become my new favorite pair!

I took a wild guess on what size I wore, and luckily, they fit me just perfectly. I love how they’re not baggy at all around my calves and ankles. Plus, they don’t stretch out after a couple of wears, which is a huge win in my books!

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about them being low rise as I usually prefer mid-rise. But to my surprise, they fit well and don’t feel too low. These jeans are definitely a keeper!

On another note, I ended up returning the Rag & Bone jeans I purchased. They were undoubtedly great, but when I wore them, I realized the fit was a bit off. They fit well all over except they were a bit too loose around my waist. So, I thought it would be more helpful to share this mini review on my #NSale buys here rather than go back and update the post.

So, have you made any fashion purchases lately that you’re in love with? Or maybe you have some items on your wish list? Do share, I’d love to hear all about it!

Quick Recap

  • The author loves their biker jacket and AG jeans for their soft leather, edgy details, perfect fit, and ability to maintain shape.
  • The biker jacket is described as a versatile accessory that can be thrown over any outfit.
  • AllSaints is recommended for leather jackets, and the author is tempted to buy another one in a different color.
  • The AG jeans were initially a size guess but fit perfectly and are not baggy, do not stretch out, and the low rise is not an issue.
  • The author returned another pair of jeans due to a fit issue and invites readers to share their recent fashion purchases or wish list items.
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